Antique Ethiopian Jimma Wood Chair IV

AED 15,350
By miDgu


Unveil the splendor of this extraordinary tripod armchair originating from the Jimma region of Ethiopia. Painstakingly hand-carved from a single block of wood, it bears the marks of time with a unique patina. Inspired by the traditional East African stool, it features a towering openwork backrest, adding to its distinctive allure.

These armchairs held ceremonial significance, often gracing the enthronement ceremonies of new kings.

A piece of undeniable character, it beckons to rare object connoisseurs, captivating the gaze with its presence. Like a sculptural masterpiece, it finds its place within your interior, envisioning it amidst pure and minimalist decor, adorning entrances or nestled in corners, a testament to its timeless charm.