Fragment 02 Chandelier Geometric Pendant

AED 13,400


Fragment 02 was inspired by the futuristic sense of the cut arch. The cut of the vault is like the floor plan of this product. Stainless steel is used to fold it into a long cone with great tension.

The glass adopts a soft texture. The material is fixed to the stainless steel frame through delicate cutting, and the deliberately exposed lamp holder, screws and wires are directly fixed on the glass, creating a conflict between sophistication and roughness. Observing from different angles, the light is always changing.

Due to the refraction of the straight grain, the glass and light blend with each other, alternating virtual and real-like phantoms. Due to the long lamp body, the sense of visual imbalance and tension has been improved. Through the suspension of the steel cable and the adjustment of the height, a small quantity can also achieve a better visual effect. It is a group of quite decoration-like designs.