Fragment 03 Floor Lamp

AED 39,300


After passing through the bleak underground railway, we arrive at the top floor, where many lofty and white spikes converge. Against the background of night and spotlights, it is like the convergence of many straight rays, and its intricate decorations are like stars. It has a charm that is not found in the age of minimalism. My hands and body trembled with excitement, even as an atheist I stood in awe. Faith and imagination can enlarge the boundaries of creation. This is my first time to see Milan Cathedral feeling.

Floor lamp body used stainless steel and ultra small grain glass, this mechanism can distort the nature of the direction of the light, the light is outspread feeling got improved, the light was kept in the glass, when you look at it from different height, Angle, light, distribution and interaction, is the Milky Way, is the meteor tail, imaginative, like the small universe of spire. It has a sense of distance, which is a kind of sublimity. It stands on the opposite side of gentleness. It has characteristics that gentleness does not have, like a string that is on the edge of a hair. The vertical development of light and shape is the final result of sensibility.