Gokō By Zāc Art

AED 4,400


"Gokō" embodies the wabi-sabi ethos with its organic textures and earthy palette. Crafted using acrylic paint, plaster, and soil on canvas, this artwork invites viewers to immerse themselves in the tranquil beauty of nature.

The color palette, featuring shades of white and terracotta, evokes the warm, sandy tones of the earth. Layers of soil and plaster create rich textures, reminiscent of rugged landscapes and ancient terrain.

As light plays upon the surface, shadows dance across the canvas, revealing the depth and complexity of the natural world. Each brushstroke and application of soil speaks to the impermanence and imperfection that define the wabi-sabi aesthetic.

"Earthen Serenity" serves as a gentle reminder of the beauty found in life's simplest elements. With its wabi-sabi ethos, it encourages viewers to embrace the raw, unrefined aspects of existence, finding solace in the timeless elegance of the earth.

The size of the artwork is customizable. Please get in touch with our sales support team for a quotation tailored to your specific requirements.