Inji By Zāc Art

AED 11,120


"Inji" captures the essence of wabi-sabi with its rustic charm and serene beauty. Created with a blend of Acrylic Paint, Plaster, and Soil, the artwork invites viewers into a world of timeless tranquility, where the subtle hues of nature blend seamlessly with the fading light of dusk.

The color palette, dominated by rustic earthy tones, transports observers to a foggy forest bathed in the warm glow of sunset. Shades of brown and red evoke the rich, organic textures of the forest floor, while hints of soft, muted greens add depth and tranquility to the scene.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the forest is engulfed in a gentle haze, suffusing the landscape with an ethereal glow. Shadows dance amidst the trees, casting fleeting patterns across the forest floor as if nature itself were preparing for the embrace of nightfall.

The size of the artwork is customizable. Please get in touch with our sales support team for a quotation tailored to your specific requirements.