Jiriki By Zāc Art

AED 7,950


"Jiriki" is a captivating artwork that embodies the essence of wabi-sabi, drawing viewers into a moment of quiet anticipation. Created with a medley of Acrylic Paint, Plaster, and Soil, the piece captures the subtle nuances of nature as darkness descends and the storm gathers on the horizon.

The color palette, a symphony of dark browns in varying hues, reflects the muted tones of twilight before the storm. Like viewing from the far side of a lake, the artwork evokes a sense of distance and introspection, where the elements of earth and water converge in tranquil harmony.

Layers of Plaster and Soil add depth and texture to the canvas, mirroring the rugged terrain and rich soil of the landscape. Each brushstroke speaks to the impermanence of nature, embracing the principles of wabi-sabi — the acceptance of transience and the beauty found in simplicity.

The size of the artwork is customizable. Please get in touch with our sales support team for a quotation tailored to your specific requirement.