Knead Mirror by Karstudio

AED 21,000
By kar


All the time along, we aim to convey the emotional and independent aesthetic concept through our works. Knead mirror preserves the handmade traces of clay-kneading, and the hand- polished texture captures the aesthetic and emotion of creation. The mirror is narrowed from the bottom to the top, and the bottom is beveled for stability when placed against the wall.

When decorating our showroom, we realized that the mirror is an essential part of the decor. Just as people nowadays concern more with the unique taste and spirit of the furniture than only its practicality, the mirror could become a significant piece of artwork in the space, rather than simply reflecting one's appearance.

Knead mirror adds fun and a sense of beauty to any space, whether it is placed in a clothing store or one's own home, and it can present the owner's aesthetics and personality.