Koko By Zāc Art

AED 12,350


''Koko" is a mesmerizing contemporary artwork that invites viewers to embark on a journey of exploration and introspection. Crafted with a blend of Acrylic Paint, Plaster, and Soil, the piece embraces the ethos of wabi-sabi while evoking the mysterious allure of an underground cavern.

The color palette, composed of muted earthy tones, sets the stage for an ethereal experience reminiscent of floating inside a mystical cave. Soft browns, gentle grays, and subtle greens converge to create an atmosphere of tranquility and wonder, enveloping the viewer in a sense of timeless calm.

Layers of Plaster and Soil add depth and texture to the canvas, mirroring the rugged terrain and ancient walls of the cavern. Each brushstroke bears the marks of imperfection, embracing the fundamental principles of wabi-sabi — the acceptance of transience and the beauty found in simplicity.

The size of the artwork is customizable. Please get in touch with our sales support team for a quotation tailored to your specific requirements.