Modular Sofa by Karstudio

AED 35,450
By kar


The abstract, closed curve lines are figurate into a sofa, with a sculptural and streamlined form. The curve line fades the contradiction between "hardness" and "softness", and it meets the need for a perfect sitting experience. Without armrests, it brings a sense of freedom and allows the seat length to be extended with extra modules.

Geometrical shapes with edge-free appearance, raw and random, especially suitable for commercial spaces. Multi selections for fabric color make the sofa blend into any style easily. There is no adhesive or glue used between the fabric and the sponge, preventing the room from formaldehyde pollution. And there is a delicate space at the lower point of the seat, between the outer-layer fabric and the inner sponge, reserving for the extension of the fabric. The basic form of this product comes in three modules, and extra modules could be added according to actual needs. The seat modules are attached with metal buckles and require simple assembly. Please contact our sales associate for more assembly details.