Obsidian - No.1

AED 1,050
By miDgu


"Obsidian" stands as a testament to the allure of darkness and the complexity of texture. This mixed media artwork, cloaked entirely in black, draws viewers into a realm where shadows dance and textures intertwine.

The canvas, adorned with a myriad of mixed textures, creates a symphony of sensations for the eyes and fingers alike. Each stroke of charcoal, a layer of plaster, or application of ink adds depth and dimension to the composition, revealing layers of unseen stories and emotions.

As light plays upon the surface, shadows emerge and recede, casting an enigmatic veil over the artwork. The interplay of darkness and texture invites viewers to explore the depths of the piece, delving into its mysteries and uncovering hidden truths.

"Obsidian Symphony" is more than just an artwork; it is a sensory journey into the heart of the unknown. With its rich palette and intricate textures, it challenges viewers to confront the shadows within themselves and embrace the beauty found in the depths of darkness.

Our handpainted, mixed medium creation is available in a variety of sizes to perfectly suit your needs.