Oracle Screen by Karstudio

AED 22,650
By kar


Oracle bone script dates back to the Shang Dynasty of China, a text engraved on tortoise shells and animal bones for divination.

The symbolic form of the ancient script has been broken down to extract a nostalgic yet vibrant, firm and fluid framework. Polishing with solid wood reveals a sense of the bones of the ancient script, which is added with a dark and shiny lacquer surface, conveying a mysterious oriental charm.The lines and forms of the "Oracle" collection are reminiscent of hieroglyphs in ancient times and express an overall beauty of uprightness and flexibility, and it also recalls the shape and mood of traditional calligraphy.

Being viewed from different angles, the lines of each piece are full of calligraphic gestures, and the two thinner rounded ends seem to indicate the beginning and closing of a stroke, which freely flow between horizontal and vertical orders, with more substantial or lighter strengths.