Yugen By Zāc Art

AED 5,300


"Yugen" captures the essence of natural beauty and the serenity of a spring garden in full bloom. Created with a blend of Acrylic Paint, Plaster on Canvas, and Soil, this artwork invites viewers into a world of tranquility and renewal.

The color palette, adorned with soothing hues of beige and various muted greens, reflects the lushness of a spring garden awakening to new life. Soft earthy tones mingle with gentle greens, creating a harmonious symphony of colors that evoke the essence of nature's bounty.

At the heart of the canvas stand two magnificent trees, their branches reaching skyward in a graceful dance of renewal and growth. Each leaf and branch is rendered with exquisite detail, capturing the delicate intricacies of nature's design.

Layers of Plaster and Soil add texture and depth to the artwork, grounding it in the raw, elemental beauty of the earth. Each brushstroke speaks to the impermanence of existence, echoing the principles of wabi-sabi — the acceptance of transience and the celebration of imperfection.

As one gaze upon "Yugen," they are transported to a place of quiet contemplation and awe. The air is filled with the gentle whispers of spring, carrying with it the promise of new beginnings and the endless cycle of life.

The size of the artwork is customizable. Please get in touch with our sales support team for a quotation tailored to your specific requirements.